Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 10 ideas to make money online

Attention?! If you want to know how to make money online from home, if you are tired of the orders and scolding from his boss, if you want to be the top earner in your neighborhood and with the least effort, or to receive checks from 3000, 7,000 or up to $ 10,000 per month working from the comfort of your home and surrounded by his beautiful family, just with a computer and an Internet connection, and longs to travel the world and be the life you deserve, then go ahead, continue reading this text and change your life forever ¿.
No, not the wrong magazine, we are not trying to sell anything or intend to defraud. On the contrary, we want to warn you that like the previous paragraphs are very common on the Web, and if you read this report ENTER 2.0 decided to venture into virtual businesses, must be alert to prevent such beautiful words and promises as exaggerated as convinced deliver data from your credit card, to give away their money to avivatos online business to spend time on unrealistic or having a great disappointment that after you away from your goal of making money on the Net
One thing is certain: The Internet is a medium with great earning potential, and it does not take a great company, being a business genius, have the idea of ​​the next YouTube or the new Facebook, or any supernatural ability to make money online, either as an extra?? talk to their current income, or as a business in the future that you can devote full time.
So if you are an employee with hours from 9 am to 6 pm, a college student, a housewife or have any occupation that allows you to spend free time on the Internet, the following ideas can inspire a new generation source of income, to use their talents in a way never imagined and, why not, to find the activity that will focus squarely on the future.
And while the promise is not coming to make a million, 5 or 10 million pesos per month could start with modest 50,000 pesos, for example?, Not discard that possibility: great accomplishments are achieved more frequently from goals high.
These ideas are far from the get rich schemes? Within two weeks? (Called in English Does get-rich-quick Schemes?), Which often are simply scams. And some of them are very simple to implement; enough to have an Internet connection, a few spare minutes a day and the tools to make and receive payments (credit card, bank accounts and electronic payment services).
Is this the year ¿.
Alberto Pardo, an expert in Internet and e-commerce, believes that mass access to the Internet in the country and the growth of broadband connections occurred in 2007, this year is suitable for people to make inroads into the virtual business, whether at business or as a means to achieve additional income.
What Colombia still have a deficit of e-commerce sites and web pages that provide revenue options to its visitors, but this year you can start to make a change. In the United States, for example, it is fashionable for companies to hire people online, and empower them to take charge them from their homes provide customer service or do translations? Said.
Pardo believes this year will begin a large explosion in the demand for services for certain profiles of people such as housewives, professionals with free time and people who speak different languages ​​but do not want used. In the country as there are people doing? Talk? Auction sites and affiliate sites, but there is still room for many people to come to these online activities? Adds.

Previous warnings
- For reasons of space and the purpose of the magazine, in this paper we present some ideas, but they are not business plans or guides. Before entering a new business, further investigate the benefits and risks of each.

- Throughout the article mentioned websites and links. There is no commercial interest in the suggested sites (something that does occur when websites recommend to others, because they receive money for each click or customer generated).
- Be suspicious website that offers large amounts in a short time. Do not discard, but investigate whether a site is legal and reliable.
- In the search business, bargains and deals, always inquire about the reputation and legitimacy of its counterpart.

1. Creating affiliate websites
You can create child sites of large e-commerce players like Amazon ( y Commission Junction ( In Colombia, several sites offer this opportunity, as the auction sites DeReto ( And MercadoLibre (
The task that must be done is to promote sites or products, and the operation of an affiliate site is simple: you create a website or blog, and he posts links to the sites you have joined (as mentioned above ) or their products. If your visitors click on these links and make a purchase or recorded in them, you receive a commission. For DeReto, for each user that registers from your website will recognize 9,000 pesos, while MercadoLibre pay between 7,000 and 13,000 pesos for each record.

It's not that complicated: you can start with a simple blog about a topic that is attractive what extent possible, related to the products you sell your site? Father ¿. In fact, a large part of the affiliate sites are blogs dedicated to recommend simple products of these sites, so visitors arriving there and have some interest in the advertising links and banners.

When you access one of these sites? FATHER, read all information on membership, register (in most sites the link is at first sight, on Amazon, go to the Join Associates link below the page) and put hands to work with your site (initially not that complicated? With a complex design or longer texts). Although it is a purely commercial site, just get a good traffic if offers interesting and useful content.

Step by step
- Select the sites you will join and register. Read all instructions.
- Choose the domain name (the address of your site). Think short names, sound and easy to remember, and you are in the language of your core audience.
- Pay the hosting (storage space). Although there are many Internet free hosting services, they do not allow you to type an address but let him directions as / minegocio, Which are not attractive and do not create an image of seriousness among its visitors.
- Choose a publishing tool. You can start with a simple blog in Blogger (, Which is free, but if you think big, go to tools like WordPress.
- Post the first entry of his blog, and add the links to your site? FATHER.
- Promote your website so that visitors start arriving. Investigate or seek the advice of experts in the art of placing among the top sites in Google searches, and promociónelo in forums and virtual communities to which they belong.
- Topics simple and what sellers are they musical products, video games, electronic gadgets and electronic books.

2. Creating sites or blogs, and advertising sales with Google AdSense
This idea did not fight? With the first, ie, in one place you can post links to Amazon as an affiliate while text ads provided by Google or sell their own banners (although this requires a much larger commercial work ).
To start with the easiest way to sign up with Google AdSense ( AdSense matches ads from Google on your site with content you post on it, and whenever your visitors click on them, you will get a small fee that ranges from 20 to 1,200 pesos, depending on the keywords and other aspects that Google considers.
As with affiliate websites, the key is to make your site traffic will grow and maintain. But it is also very important to get the configuration of the keywords in your website when registering for AdSense, so that the ads are more effective and generate more clicks.
According to Alberto Arébalos, Google's director of communications in Latin America, in Colombia and there are many websites, both companies and small businesses and independent people who achieve good income with AdSense. What actually is the single most effective alternative for many websites, for all the effort? Google does business, says the manager.
The advantage of AdSense on an affiliate site is that you will have more freedom theme: in the ideal affiliate site will you write about products (not logical that you join Amazon and write about Australian wine, for example), whereas , place on Australian wine surely find appropriate ads from Google AdSense.
The ideal is to find a balance between a topic you are passionate about and that in turn is more interesting to people, then you should not forget that the source of their income is visitor traffic.
Extra Guidelines
In addition to the steps outlined in the first idea (affiliated sites), consider the following:
- When creating your website and set up your AdSense registration, avoid very generic topics. Focus on topics for specific markets (but not only interested in four cats? ¿).
- Similar to an affiliate site, one with Google AdSense is very important that is optimized for search engines. Study or seek advice to ensure that your site's keywords are appropriate and appear in the top when people search on Google, Yahoo, Ask and other search services. If your business is more serious, it may be appropriate to pay an expert in site optimization.
- If you've mastered AdSense, you can start adding other sources of income to your site, for example with Google rivals like Yahoo Publisher Network (

3. Work? Freelance online?: Leverage your talents
Do you have excellent spelling and writing, but this only served to your friends and colleagues interrupt him all the time to help them? ? Fluent in English, but not because it takes advantage frequently travels abroad? Is graphic designer, has a computer at home and spent months waiting for a publication to call for a job?
In those cases, you can enter separate working communities or do freelance? Like Elance (a pioneer;, Guru ( Or, and offer what you do best.

This class of sites works similarly to the auction of products such as eBay ( Or MercadoLibre: you can enter, fill out a profile with their services, promote themselves and wait for customers to arrive. But even better, in these places there is a whole dynamic in which businesses and individuals in need of various services publish their requirements and pay for the services taken.

Like auction sites, trust between customers and suppliers, as well as quality assurance and compliance, comes from the same user ratings on the services provided above. Thus, earning a good reputation is very valuable.

The scope of these auction sites? Services What is broad: includes graphic design (websites, logos, Flash animations, illustrations, magazines, etc.), Preparation of texts (translations, writing books, blogs and speeches, editing, etc.), software and technology (software development and Web 2.0 applications, remote technical support, consulting, website optimization, etc.), business or management consultancy and finance public relations and advertising, legal advice and many more fields of knowledge.
Some guidelines
- Before signing up to a site, check for the services you provide are well paid among the clientele. You will see that in some areas can earn very good money, while others internationally paid much less than what you already receive for such work in Colombia.
- Some sites, like Elance, charge some money by joining them or to verify the authenticity of their identity. If you see the income potential, please pay.
- Build a reputation based on work ethic, keeping promises in quality and delivery times and good communication with customers.
- It is logical that a client prefers a veteran? Did these sites, which has 200 positive ratings than for a rookie? Or newcomer. So to start, should be more flexible in their rates, to be selected by customers and start earning qualifications and credibility.
- No income excites gigantic, at least while making a name among potential customers.

4. Sales at auction sites
This idea is not joining MercadoLibre to sell electric shaver that gave him his sister, and that you did not like it because he does not get beard. Although something like this will generate an income point, we're talking business: a steady job, which requires time for various tasks such as publishing products, answer questions from potential clients, monitor the market, deliver products and offer some customer service and a reputation for reliable merchant.
If you already have a Business brick and cement was ¿virtual world can you take advantage of these auction sites to expand your market, diversify and enlarge their customer base. But if it does, you can also find a range of products to sell. Alberto Pardo, who some years ago went in Colombia, believes that this kind of sites there are still opportunities.
The site specializes in the subject Success with Auctions (, Which provides useful information for beginners and experts in online auctions, part of an obvious idea, but that not all sellers auction sites are clear: Buy low and sell more expensive ¿.
This council, first, breaks with the paradigm that must compete with low prices only to win at auction. The site reports that shoppers? With similar products do you lean more towards those that are well described or offered by individuals or companies with good reputation by gangazos did? Dubious or reliability.

On the other hand, the obvious idea begins With cheap purchase ¿. What does this mean? You do not have to make a product to sell, you can buy and resell.
This sounds easy, but it requires hard work of research, if you want to operate as a business and not as a momentary income.
Guidelines and Tricks
If you still are not sure what and how to sell, follow these tips to start your auctions with higher chances of success.
- Choose your favorite auction sites. If you have the ability to pay and get paid abroad should not leave out eBay, the world leader in this field and one of the leading exponents of electronic commerce (sales exceeding 44 billion dollars a year). For sales in Colombia, choose local players (MercadoLibre and DeReto).

- To buy low and sell more expensive to investigate. It will not get around the corner a product at half price and sell a few days later to double or triple. Monitor auction sites in their most successful products, analyze why some people sell both. Think about products that are not offered on these sites, or where you can be very competitive.
- Be creative. If, for example, you register on eBay, how about trying to sell Colombian crafts? Or, if you can buy on eBay and bring products cheaply and use ¿in the luggage of a friend, or shipping services to Colombia as Tranexco (, How about selling clothes out of season that is achieved beyond laughable?

5. Online Games: copper for victory
If you feel guilty after spending three hours or Winning Eleven Hattrick in a day's work, and feel that it is not productive but can not stop his love of games, this idea is for you.
You can make money while having fun playing online against players from all over the world, which seems the dream of many. It need not be a great champion in the various games, but the win will bring the best dividends.

One of the most popular in this area, and that ensures to deliver about $ 250,000 per day, is WorldWinner ( It has games in different categories such as strategy, arcade, and sports cards. Some of the most popular are the pool, Minesweeper, Bejeweled 2, Solitaire and Chess.

Where does the money you can win? Initially, advertising that sells games site traffic generated by the players. But in many cases, to play for prize money all competitors must pay a small fee, and much of what is collected goes to the winners.

For WorldWinner, besides money, motivates players with other awards, such as' what forums rankings, so the popularity is another incentive. Registration is free, although more advanced services and the ability to compete for money requires an enrollment whose price starts at $ 10.
Benefits of these online games
- You can play free games for learning, while having fun and interacting with people around the world, when you feel competitive, you can pay in search of prizes.
- Given the variety of games, you better look for ones that are better adapted to their tastes and skills.
- You have the option of inviting a player to individual challenges, or may participate in competitions together (varies by game).
- If you become an expert in a game, then you can make good money playing continuously.
- If you are not as good as I thought, you may lose the small investment made by enrolling in a competition.
- In the free games, training, rivals may not be playing to their full potential. Do not rely and pay before being really good.
- If you tend to gaming addiction, you may have a good position to win, but will have one less reason to keep time at the computer, so you must be careful.

6. Forex: Foreign currency transactions
Forex (Foreign Exchange means??) Is an electronic market currency that has gained much popularity because it has good returns and also provides some of the excitement that can feel stockbrokers, is it? Play with prices? international currencies, forex buy and sell at a price higher one.
Earn money with Forex is exciting and very challenging, but also risky, because that play money?? Their own or others. Mechanisms requires knowledge of the transactions, be up to date in international stock issues and even the state of security and public order in different countries (the main transactions occur between euro, yen, sterling and Swiss franc against the U.S. dollar). In this market, know more and better analysis is synonymous with profits while making decisions by Do Or emotions smell can mean loss or bankruptcy.

Although large investors move millions of dollars a day, Forex is popular because you can start with more modest sums. To get into the business, you must open an account with a broker? Operates what currency, which must be licensed for this activity (beware extraordinary deals are unreliable). This operator will teach and practice the system will leave you with money? Lie?, To acquire knowledge and practical enough to be successful.

When you feel ready, you can provide proof that will back to work with real money. You must pay a registration, which can start at $ 30, but this varies by provider. If you are new, your operator will protect with a limit of 100 or 200 dollars, so you do not lose much if you make a mistake, when either an expert, you can move thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
For those already in Forex, everything is simple, but it is a rather complex process for newcomers, especially if you work with international suppliers that use foreign terms in English. So, a good option is to start in this world with advisers preferably Spanish and Colombian.
There are many websites that teach Forex and have no purpose to make money. However, there are sites that provide clear and complete information. One is Colombia Forex (, Which provides comprehensive information and training program. Another site is a blog about Internet investments ( / participation / diegotov), Its author, Diego Tovar, says it takes six years as a Forex trader, and seeks to provide useful information and real about this business.

If you are comfortable with the technical English, you can find sites in English. ( Publishes a list of the hundred best sites dedicated to this market.
As trading Forex can offer very attractive returns, risks are also great.
Ease Forex trading, a profession that does not require years of experience or those who work in it, is an advantage that has become very popular worldwide, but also makes the dangers of large losses and bankruptcies bad decisions are part of everyday life.
Like all such markets, currencies are unpredictable, even if the subject is studied much. Fortunately, you can have advisors that protect from rookie mistakes.

7. Mail and online surveys
The authors of the website ChaseTheGlow ( State that lasted several months researching methods to make money online, and found that two of the three easiest are replying paid online surveys and read emails of a commercial nature (the third method is to sell photos online our idea number 9).

The idea to make money reading mail (commercial messages) sounds good, especially since they have to have intimate knowledge on a subject or dominate activity. However, it is the most profitable, if you have other ideas: the different services that you can enroll pay between 40 and 100 pesos per message read so that an average of 10 messages per day would yield a monthly income of only 12,000 to 30,000 pesos.

The number of messages received daily depends on the language, the country and the topics you select, so if you choose this idea and has the ability to use an address in countries like the U.S., you get more income.

There are many companies (the business is legal) that this kind of mail sent to their members, they are charged to companies that want to advertise their products by mail, and pay per message read. As the mail readers?? Choose the topics that interest them, in theory is also beneficial for the advertiser (so they say).

One of the sites you can assess what is offers service in Colombia and other Latin American countries? Eleven, you pay half of what they deliver English sites (20 pesos per message), but that also allows refer people and earn referrals and for those who read the messages.

According to this site, if a person manages to refer to another hundred, and all sends 20 emails per month what they read them?, Would win a total of about 140,000 pesos. Other sites you might visit are Pay Email (, Which ensures that some of their members earn 500 to $ 2,000 per month, and SendMoreInfo (, But a Google search will give you many more options.

Reply online surveys also can generate some income. Although demand more time than emails why do have to read the text, and not just clicking?, Are also more profitable: each survey may represent a payment of 500 pesos or more, and there are some very specialized why can pay the equivalent of 20,000 pesos ($ 10).

Clix Sense ( y Treasure Trooper ( Are some of the most recommended sites on the web, and you only have to answer surveys on topics that appeal to you (or if you want to earn more money on items that generate more surveys each month).

Two ideas similar to reading email and filling out surveys are doing product reviews, and charge for access websites. Not recommended for two reasons: writing good product reviews, to be paid very little, takes time and is not profitable, while keen to try products and write about them, go for the first two ideas suggested (create an affiliate site or create one to sell AdSense ads).
The second option looks so easy and so profitable as the mail, but it could lead to sites that cause problems to your computer security.

8. Sale and virtual goods business
News from November 2006 seemed fiction, but they were real: 500,000 young Chinese do they work in data centers? Buying and selling gold on the popular game World of Warcraft (, For players from other countries that pay for it. It is a fact that virtual worlds can generate wealth in the real world.

In fact, in late 2006 it was reported that he had emerged the first millionaire in Second Life (, The popular virtual world in which more than 11 million people live their second life. Business Week magazine reported at the time that Anshe Chung already had in your bank account does the real world? Several million dollars, having changed their Linden dollars does the Second Life virtual currency why real money.
Chung wealth achieved this in less than three years after an initial investment of $ 9.95, when you created your virtual character Ailin Graef. Or better Graef, Chung virtual business? Started in real estate, then grew and began to build, and then changed the field and put together a global corporation? Which then led to the real world with the name Anshe Chung Studios, this develops 3D environments for applications such as videoconferencing and business education.

But no need to build great businesses make money in Second Life: There are several ways to earn Linden dollars that can then be converted into U.S. dollars.

For example, you can learn to make their own virtual items like furniture or clothes? 'And, if you have a talent for it, can sell to other players. You can also offer their services in what you can do in this virtual world, for example, build houses.

It can also become an employee of another player and receive a salary, or be a trainer, if you can become an expert in Second Life and achieves the level to teach novices.

Last year, more than 11 million inhabitants of Second Life came to spend more than $ 35 million in a single month.

According to Alberto Pardo, although this type of online activity intensive and time on the part of users to become a successful business, has a great future and is an unexplored area, both in Colombia and in the world.

9. Videos and photographs that make money themselves
If your videos on YouTube are so good that they already have a good number of visitors, or if your photos on Flickr get the best reviews of those who come to see them by chance, maybe you have a source of income that has yet to unleash.

If you are an amateur in these arts, you can share the fruits of his talent with people around the world while getting paid by the sites that host their creations.

Although Internet circulate daily million photographs, images of good quality and there is still demand for those willing to pay for them.

Sites like Fotolia ( Have been successful in linking the need for good material with hundreds of thousands of photographers in the world. This site, which has about 560,000 members, including designers, amateur and professional photographers, art directors, etc.., Pay those who generate images of all kinds and of different sizes (these should be high resolution, if you want to share your photos will have to be at least half a megapixel and higher resolution photos are sold more cheaply).

By uploading a photo on Fotolia, this will pass an approval process, after 48 hours will air and thousands of visitors will be able to buy with a few clicks. The best: the retail price of your image does not put Fotolia, but you, within limits set by the size and the number of photos you have previously sold. The commissions will ever be sold will be from 33 to 80 percent, depending, among other factors, if you surrender to Fotolia with exclusivity or not.
A photographer? Novato on Fotolia may collect, for example, a small photo in a dollar, and the maximum size, $ 20. Do the math: if you climb to begin about 10 photos of medium size, and in total 100 copies sold in its maximum possible price (two dollars each), would win $ 200 (400,000 pesos) in the first month.

Sounds easy, right? However, your images will have to compete with tens of thousands of high quality pictures and on many themes, so you should strive to do good work.
If you are not a good photographer, but instead records videos or edit on your computer, also have alternatives. Metacafe is a site like YouTube, though much less popular, it has a payments scheme whereby videos posted for every thousand times your video display, will pay $ 5 (about 10,000 pesos).

It seems a lot of money, but the good videos on this site can add up to 5,000 to 25,000 prints, which means that the authors Y125 earn 25 dollars a day.
To be successful in his foray into Metacafe, try to publish videos in English or no spoken language, that language is not a barrier and popular video can do.

10. EBook Sale
If you want to become a salesperson to make money, but do not have the time or the facility to send and receive physical products at great prices to sell more expensive, has an alternative: selling eBooks and other digital content (which is technically called? resale copyright ¿).
If you are a frustrated writer and no publisher would want to publish a work, write, convert to PDF and sell it online. If you try to do it yourself is a complicated process, but a service called ClickBank ( Offers the possibility of offering his book among a community of more than 100,000 people looking to sell content.

But if you cannot write, you can use Click Bank to sell e-books? Others did. For that, you simply enter the Marketplace link and do a search for books that can sell, selecting the theme of the book (not delude that sell literature: most e-book covers topics such as business, health, internet, computers and recreation).

You can also sort the search according to the popularity of books, the commission give marketers and other indicators. Although it is best to join a site like this and as mentioned in the 10 ideas is to study in depth and master its operation before innovate, ClickBank is evident in the lack of books in Spanish, so there could find a profitable niche .

If you have ideas for new books, but can not or does not know how to translate them into text for yourself, go as a client to one of the services mentioned in number 3 the idea to hire someone to write it for you in exchange for a sum. If your idea is good, could recover the investment quickly.

Other random thoughts
If between 10 found no previous alternatives that appeals enough to get on the road, do not be disappointed: there are other options, not as means of most people, but it can open for you if you have special skills or knowledge. Some of them are:

- Creating Web 2.0 applications and services. If you master programming languages ​​for Web 2.0 applications, and has a good idea Or can adapt existing idea?, Why not try to assemble a site with a good application?

- Adaptation of successful ideas. When Digg ( Publishing site and vote on news and content on the Internet became a phenomenon emerged dozens of sites that imitated. His owners attempted Steal? Offering users the same as Digg, but most failed because they did not provide anything new visitors to abandon the pioneer.

Of the survivors in our language? Were you Menéame (, A Spanish site that not only copied to Digg, but interesting innovations incorporated and has achieved a large captive audience.
So successful has been that nearly Digg buying late last year, and now has tens of Menéame own clones in Spain and other Latin American countries (Colombia has, and between 2006 and June 2007 was air, an initiative that did not survive).
- Launch of crazy ideas? ¿. When a student Alex Tew? English? Launched in August 2005, his site The Million Dollar Homepage (, Which sought to make some money to help pay for their education, the prospects were not encouraging. Despite the grandiose name of the site, the idea of ​​selling advertising into small cubes 1 pixel, at $ 1 each, sounded ridiculous.
In the first week nothing happened, but the site began to be mentioned in the corridors and then, when it was mentioned in the British media, his popularity soared from one moment to another. In January 2006, the boy had sold all pixels, to customers in England, the United States and other countries, and some to high price: 1 generated revenues of $ 037,100.

If you have long been an idea that seems crazy and should not pledge your home to set it up, try: most men who have created new business successful hit after several failed ventures.
- You can create programs for mobile devices, whether software development is strong, for example, to the new Google platform, Android (have to think not only in software, but in how it earns income).

- Creating a blog to generate income on another front. You can post a blog on a topic that dominates, or an e-book, and try to position itself as an authority on the subject. If successful, the proceeds from the sale of the e-book or ads on the blog will not be as important as those that can generate invitations to lecture or customers seeking their advice.
- Working in marketing (MLM) business combined with virtual or physical? ¿. Search Google the words marketing, MLM and Internet (or if you want results multilevel English), and learn how you can make money this way.

Some recommendations
- While making money sitting at the computer sounds easy, none of these ideas suggests that you will make money? Easy Do. His accomplishments online, unless you have a great idea that will revolutionize the market how Facebook or The Million Dollar Homepage (, Are directly proportional to your effort. The millionaires of the digital economy certainly had the right idea and strategy, and perhaps an element of luck, but also had to work hard.

- Note that while the Internet is masificándose in Colombia (there are over 10 million Internet users in the country, according to figures from the CRT), many of the ideas for making money online yet appear profitable in the country. Leverage the Internet is global and what can other markets attack.

- The most attractive market for its potential size and the relative ease of making and receiving payments, is the United States. We should defend? Does the English to do more business.
- Although businesses are virtual, the money is real, so we need to have the means to make the payments required (memberships, subscriptions to sites, product purchases, etc.), And the mechanisms for the money. If your business is in Colombia, you only need a credit card and a bank account.
- If you decide to access a service abroad, must have appropriate means. In addition to a credit card that can be used internationally (and cost), should you subscribe to services like PayPal ( To make some payments (in Colombia does not yet receive payment service), and to make and receive money transfers. If you do not have those means, the only way to pay and get paid is the electronic money transfer (wire transfer??), But this is costly and its profitability subtracted virtual activity.

- Having a bank account in the United States would save money and give more flexibility to your business. In American Life site ( / banking.shtml) Presents free information on how to open a bank account, although the procedures are cumbersome and usually requires it personally. There are ways to do it remotely, from Colombia. Search Google and forums Colombians (as and discussions about how. Sites such as one developed by an Ecuadorian company, called How to open a bank account without being a resident of USA? (, Promise accurate and detailed information to do it, but charge around $ 30 for the information.

- Many of the services to make money on the Internet is in English, but also are directed to markets in this language. One trick to get better revenue is as follows: if you have a way to register the services they chose a physical address in the U.S. (from a friend or relative, for example), do so. But first, read the fine print of the terms of service of those sites.
- Do not wait micropayments. The high transaction costs make both for websites that pay users for their online activities, and for yourself, the best thing is to make large payments (some sites $ 10 shipped from and others like Metacafe (, From $ 100).
- Much of the revenue generated comes from suppliers referrals. No topic addresses share the services chose friends and acquaintances what if already established that are profitable and helpful reviews, but be careful: do not become a spammer? Nor fill the boxes? Mail invitations to their contacts with these sites.
- To start your business, nothing like having initial customers are more willing to buy. As traditional family businesses begin with sales to neighbors and family, you should start promoting your business among your contacts the real world and in virtual communities in which it participates (blogs, forums, discussion lists, etc. .).

And, if you have not already, it's time you log into Facebook, the fastest growing social network in the last year, and in which Colombia is the country number 10 in number of users in the world (currently, according to this site, there are 650,000 registered Colombian). Facebook not only serves to make contact again with old friends, but it can serve to drive almost all the ideas we recommend below.